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What are online sex games?

Online sex games are basically like porn, but you control the action. You can direct your very porn scene on these games making them the best fucking thing since the vagina was crafted by nature over millions of fucking years because god can kiss my fucking ass if he thinks he's going to take all of mother nature's fucking credit for that wondrous thing!

Porn games online allow you to play as a shit load of different characters. You can immerse your character into a sexy fucking world and choose who they interact with. Of course, I am very much talking broadly about sex games online here. There are some porn games online that restrict what your character can do, who they fuck and that sort of thing, but there are plenty of fucking amazing games that allow your sexy character to go deep inside a world and search for fuck buddies. I have played shit loads of online sex games in my time, and so I thought I would start this porn game website to share my sexy experiences. I have reviewed a shit load of sex games on here for your pleasure (more on my sexy as fuck but humble reviews in a bit), but if you are looking for your first sex game to play or your new favourite sex game, you can find every great sex game on here.

Before you go rushing off to find your favourite sex game, I first want to talk to the sex gaming beginners amongst you. Now, sex games are fucking awesome, but beginners to this porn party need to be careful. You can't just go opening up any old fucking porn game and expect to have a whale of a fucking time. Why? Here's fucking why!

My beginners guide to sex games online

Right, so you have never played a porn game before, that's cool, never fear, I am here to teach you the sexy tips on how to choose your first sex game. Whether you have played a shit load of normal games in the past or you aren't an avid gamer, this quick guide for choosing your first sex game will help you.

Firstly, remember, not all sex games are created equal. What I mean by this, is some sex games are fucking amazing and you'll love playing them from the moment you load them up, some are fucking awful. Now, when I review a sex game, I take into account how easy it is to play. I want you sexy beginners to be able to pick up a sex game quickly, get to fucking some hot characters and to be able to explore a kinky fucking world.

Some sex games are way too complex for anyone that isn't an avid gamer, these sex games are ones to avoid at first. I ain't saying never play these sex games, but try and find a sexy little easy game to play first. Build up to the more complex sex games so that you can have some fucking fun before you start rubbing your head rather than your cock.

Also, not all sex games are created equal in another way too. Some sex games are fucking awesome, and some are loads of fucking shit. Just like porn, there are fucking amazing porn companies and porn companies that have more money than talent. These are, once again, games to avoid. Now, in some cases, when a porn game is fucking laughably terrible, I tell you lovely lot to play it because we all need a fucking laugh sometimes. However, if you are a beginner to this porn game world, avoid these ones too. I want you to have a great sex gaming experience when you first play a sex game. This is, of course, to keep you coming back to this sexy site to choose other online sex games to play. So, avoid the laughable sex games for now and just focus on some of the great shit that I have given great reviews.

I give simple to play and fucking awesome sex games good reviews all the fucking time. I know that a lot of the pro-level sex gamers on here find these sex games fucking boring, but these are the games that we all started on. These are the sex games that give you a nice boner real quick and get you fucking in no time.

So, keep to simple sex games for a bit and build-up to the most complex sex games as your experience increases. Now, just before you head off and play your first sex game, check out the extreme online sex games bit below, this offers a little more advice to sexy beginners like yourself!

My reviews of online sex games

My reviews of online sex games are very like an asshole. Every fucker who has ever played a sex game has an opinion about that sex game, and so you have to take my reviews of sex games with a pinch of dick cheese. I can tell you all the facts about why a sex game is bad, I can tell you that the graphics are the biggest load of wank and that the characters are as one dimensional as Harry Styles in that fucking film he was in. However, only you can really tell whether a sex game is good for you or not.

As much as I know sex games and know what I love and hate about them, I haven't got a bloody clue what you love and hate about sex games. Now, I know that some of you fine folk enjoy playing shit sex games. I know that's fucking weird, but some cunts get a kick out of it. These games can either have a fucked-up storyline, the shittest graphics in the fucking world or a storyline as confusing as Fortnite's, but you lot love playing them. So, typically, if a sex game on here has a shit review, you lot may want to check that shit out.

However, if you cunts are as normal as me and love playing the fucking best sex games in the world. The ones that have the greatest fucking storylines, the sex games that look so good it looks like real fucking people fucking, then you lot want to look at the games that have the best ratings on here.

I can't tell you which sex games to play on here, I can only tell you which of these sex games I love to play and why I love to play them. Of course, there will always be sex games that we can all agree are shit and need to suck a fat cock, but sex games divide people so much that I can't judge sex games for us all. So, please don't ever take my sexy as fuck and humble reviews as fact! Please read my reviews of these sex games and then decide whether you want to check the sex game out or not. If not, keep exploring the sex game reviews on here, you'll find the greatest sex game ever created I promise. You will find a sex game on here that could have been created from your own fucking thoughts if you look hard enough. We are all searching for the best sex game in the world, and I cannot wait to help you find yours with these reviews. That turns me the fuck on!

Are there any free online sex games?

Fuck yeah, there are! There are shit loads of free sex games out there. In fact, some of the best fucking sex games ever created have been free! Most sex games and the sites that they are on rely on ads to make money. Some ask for a few bucks to be thrown their way on Pateron or via PayPal, but a lot of sex games are completely fucking free. That is the best thing about sex games online. Now, most free sex games do require that you sign up to play them. This may sound fucking annoying, but hear me out.

If you do sign up to a porn game online, the chances are you have actually just signed up to a fucking porn network. So rather than just having one sex game to play, you can have fucking hundreds. Some porn game networks contain over 500 porn games that all fucking free to play. This is the best fucking thing about sex games online! Not only do you have complete fucking access to the amazing fucking porn game that you read a sexy review about on here, but you also have access to a dick load more that I have reviewed too. So, when you complete the sex game that led to you creating your account, just come back and read another review. You don't have to create too many sex game accounts to have access to literally fucking thousands of porn games.

However, as I said, some of these porn games can be fucking awful, that's the risk we take. Some of the porn games in these networks are free for a very good fucking reason because they are dog shit. But even if you find one other porn game to play from that network, that is two minutes of your life fucking well spent! There are shed loads of porn games that operate just like this and give you access to a disgusting amount of porn games! It is fucking awesome.

Of course, there are also porn games online that aren't free. Now, I will tell you if a porn game isn't free during my reviews, I don't want you to get your cock hard with excitement only to be blue-balled at the first fucking hurdle. I always take the approach that porn games that cost money need to fucking prove themselves far fucking more than a porn game that is free. So, if a porn game that costs money has a good review on this site, it is a sex game that is really worth checking the fuck out.

If you are invested in free porn games, there are fucking hundreds on here that you can play in a matter of fucking minutes. Some of these online sex games have been created by fucking tiny game developers that would love to hear your feedback on their sex game. These cunts work their fucking ass off to bring us the best fucking sex games in the world. So, if you love a sex game that you've played on here, tell the fucking world! Leave the sex game a review, tell your fucking friends of even consider throwing the makers a couple of bucks, it will make their hard fucking work worth it.

Are there extreme online sex games?

Oh fuck yeah there are. Now, beginners that have just come from my sexy beginner's guide to sex games directly to this part approach these fucking sex games with some caution. Extreme sex games are fucking extreme. Most online sex games contain some form of BDSM or some shit that would be considered pretty extreme in most porn circles. So when I say that these games are fucking extreme, I fucking mean it. When even milder fucking sex games contain whipping and anal and that sort of shit, you know extreme is another level.

I ain't gonna beat around the bush (that's what she said) extreme porn games online can contain rape, gang rape, some even contain murder and shit like that. If you don't fancy playing this sort of sex game, avoid these fucking games. There are plenty of fucking warnings on sex games about the nature of the shit you are about to play, but most fuckers never read this. So, read it! Check that the sex game you are about to fucking play is something that you are down for. I don't want any of you lovely fuckers to be put off of sex games. There are fucking shit loads of sex games that are nice and mild and contain pretty tame shit, but no sex game that has the label "extreme" has any mild shit. Be fucking careful about the sex games that you play.

Of course, if you're interesting in some extreme sex games, then you're in luck. I have played a shit load of extreme sex games in my time and have reviewed all these fuckers too. The list of extreme sex games on this site isn't huge, but it does contain some of the fucking craziest shit you'll ever fucking see. These extreme sex games are not for the faint of heart. Approach these sex games with caution and don't play this shit because you think I am over-fucking-reacting, I ain't!

What about gay online sex games, any of those?

Of course, there are gay sex games online. Some of the best fucking sex games to come out over the last few years have been gay sex games. For most of the years that sex games have been a thing, the gay gaming community has had a pretty shit showing, to be honest. However, now the gay gaming community has a fuck load of great fucking gay games to play.

I have loads of gay gaming mates who used to play straight sex games because the gay games were just stereotypical gay guys doing stereotypical shit and they found them fucking boring. Thankfully, this is no longer the fucking case, and gay gamers can now enjoy as much variety in their sex games as straight people do.

Once again, I have reviewed a shit load of gay sex games, and you can find loads of them on here. I have created a list of gay games because I want every fucker to come on this sex game site and find the perfect fucking game for them. If you can't find the perfect fucking sex game for you and your desires on this fucking site, then that sex game hasn't been created yet. So, where can you can find the best sex games in the world? What a great fucking question!

Where can I find the best sex games online?

Right fucking here. If I haven't convinced you that this is the best fucking place to find the best sex games ever fucking created by now, I don't know if I ever fucking will. There are shit loads of amazing sex games on here that you have to check the fuck out. I love a lot of the sex games on here, I have played them all and wanked my fucking cock off to most of them. Of course, I have also reviewed some fucking awful sex games on here too.

So, whether you fancy a laugh at how fucking bad a sex game is or whether you want to find your new favourite sex game, you can find all that shit and more on here. I created this sex game review site to find the perfect online sex game, even though I am still searching for perfection, there are shit loads of amazing fucking porn games on here that you have to check out.