What is SexEmulator?

SexEmulator is an awesome fucking sex game that immerses you into a world of sexy as fuck characters that just want to fuck each other's brains out. SexEmulator is actually a gaming network that gives you access to over 400 fucking porn games! However, for this, I am going to focus on SexEmulator the game, because there is no fucking way that I can cover all the shit that this porn game network offers here.

Playing SexEmulator for the first time

So, after you create your account for SexEmulator, you are given a few options. These are options for choosing your sexy character. You can select which gender, sex partner choice and all that shit. Then, you are taken to the next sexy as fuck screen, and your cock is almost blown the fuck off. The next sexy screen allows you to create your dream girl. This will be the character that you get to fuck in-game. You can decide her breast size, hair and eye colour, ass size and loads fucking more. There isn't really a fucking limit as to what this character can be, use your imagination and run fucking wild! You can even choose which areas of sex this character is fucking great at. Choose any sexual position you like and any area of the body that you want this sexy chick to focus on. Whether that is anal or the feet, pussy, cock, whatever it may be.

You are then ready to fuck the living shit out of this sexy as fuck character you have just made. If the character you decided to play as is a woman, be ready to control the craziest fucking lesbian scene ever made. If your character is male, be fucking prepared for your character's cock to be turned to dust by the sheer amount of fucking grinding and bouncing that is about to happen!

Should I check out SexEmulator?

Fuck yes, you should! SexEmulator allows you to create sexy as fuck characters and then fuck the living shit out them. The graphics in this game are so fucking good that you are basically tailor-making porn within this game. The girls look hot as fuck, the guys are fucking built with cocks of destruction, and everything is awesome. If you have ever wanted to direct your own porn scene, now you can.

You can do fucking anything in SexEmulator and fuck the living shit out of the man or women of your choice. You can try and create celebrities, create the girl next door, create your fucking mom if you want, you can create any fucking character in this game if you spend enough time doing so and then fuck their fucking brains out! What more can I say about SexEmulator? Just go and fucking play this amazing fucking sex game! SexEmulator is fucking incredible. Plus, the SexEmulator network gives you access to over 400 other porn games too. You'll be on this fucking porn game site forever!